The Salford Online exclusive short story by Neil Blower

The latest short story by Neil Blower, the Writer in Residence at Salford Online, is now live. Neil, a Royal Tank Regiment veteran, was appointed Writer in Residence earlier this year. More information about Neil’s work can be found on his website,

The Salford Short: IWM

By Neil Blower

The Imperial War Museum was silhouetted against the late afternoon sun and the shadows on the Manchester Ship Canal shimmered like dark dreams yet to be unfurled.

Inside the steel building an old man gazed at his reflection in one of the many displays. His august features blurred by the glass, a glint of the man stared back.

The sound of children’s voices brought him back to the present. He turned away from the medals and memorabilia of a time long gone and sat on a bench opposite. He sat, and waited. Like he had all the time in world.

He sat and stared blankly as people walked past him in both directions: young, old, married, single, families, friends. All visiting a local museum, having a day out.

He’d had many days like this with his own family. So many he couldn’t remember half of them. He remembered the laughter and the joy though, the good times, with his wife and kids. 40 years. 40 years of marriage passed in the blink of an eye. He could still remember the first day they met after he came back from national service. She looked so damn beautiful, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, serving at the little teashop. 40 years, where did it go?  Read more on Salford Online here.