Slimming Sensation Re-Appoints Palamedes

Vita-Lean re-appoints Palamedes for regional ad campaign

By Bella Frost

29th January, 2013

Vita-Lean, one of the UK’s fastest-selling slimming supplements of all time, has re-appointed Palamedes to spearhead a regional ad campaign.

Palamedes has already secured an estimated 1,000-2,000 page leads for the brand, with a conservative equivalent advertorial value of £650,000. Exposure culminated in a front page story on the Daily Express.

The agency was hired in the latter part of 2012 to raise the brand’s awareness on a national level, and Palamedes delivered a page lead in the Daily Mail.

But now Vita-Lean executives have re-appointed Palamedes to orchestrate a regional advertising campaign with a view of reaching a “broader audience”.

Jon Kirk, the agency’s managing director who has represented Vita-Lean since early 2009, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Vita-Lean again on what promises to be an exciting regional account.”

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