Spin Doctor: The PR Blog

Jon Kirk with Alaistair Campbell

By Bella Frost

4th January, 2013

The Spin Doctor, a series of insightful blogs by Palamedes’ publicist Jon Kirk, is now live.

The blogs take an uncompromising look at the more difficult or controversial aspects of the communications industry.

Topics include “fighting back from zero media exposure”, the importance of a strong top line, and methods of securing national media coverage.

Kirk, an award-winning national news journalist, also blogs about the ‘Catch-22’ of customer service in the communications industry.

PRos must choose between “Pandering to a client’s fancies and retaining the account at the expense of professional credibility, agency standards and coverage opportunity; or standing firm and arguing the point to demonstrate integrity (thereby strengthening credibility with the media), at the risk of relationship meltdown.”


More Spin Doctor blogs can be found here: https://www.palamedes.co.uk/category/the-spin-doctor-jon-kirk-on-pr/