Strewth! Talk about great coverage? Australian intonation research hits Mail Online?

Palamedes PR has generated exposure for the author Harry Key on the Mail Online – the first of an anticipated flood of book PR coverage.

The research about Australian Question Intonation – adding inflections to the ends of sentences – is running live on the Mail here.

More than 70 per cent of bosses claimed that the rising trend among Britons – especially teenagers – of adding inflections to the ends of sentences was ‘particularly annoying.’

Almost 85 per cent said that when non-Australian people use this language trait it is a ‘clear indicator of insecurity’ and could hinder their chances of a promotion or payrise.

The research was commissioned by the world’s business publisher, Pearson, to mark the release of Key’s new title, Speak For Yourself – a guide to effective speech and communication due to be released later this month.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, a specialist news-generation PR agency, said: “We’re delighted about the coverage? Who would have thought that adding an inflection to the end of a sentence could hinder career prospects? We’d like to thank the Daily Mail for its very kind support of this great story?”

By Mick Blight

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