Client: Alan Cork
Campaign Type: Book PR/International book launch
Objective: Promoting The Greater Bad and launching the world’s first waterproof book

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The author Alan Cork appointed Palamedes PR to promote his novel, The Greater Bad. Specifically, he was seeking national and international coverage, and on a project-only basis.

Unlike most book PR agencies, we don’t draft a single press release and send it to thousands of journalists in the hope that coverage will be obtained. In this case, we brought an idea from the author to the fore by breaking a great story about the world’s first waterproof book.

Our work generated page leads in the print and online editions of the national and international media within a few days of appointment. The publicity we secured resulted in truly spectacular AVE and ROI and, according to the author, “knew no boundaries”. Coverage included, but was not limited to, the following:

  • Daily Mail
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Yahoo! Travel New Zealand
  • The Asian Age
  • Social Times
  • The Sunday Tribune (India)
  • Yahoo! News India
  • The Edu Times
  • Press TV
  • Med India
  • Booking Authors
  • The Fortean Times
  • The Croydon Advertiser
  • The Bromley Times
  • Dozens of blogs

“Palamedes PR gained extensive coverage for my book in the local, national and international media, even in India! The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph all picked up on my story. They really put my book on the map. They know no boundaries and when I say they are aiming to put my book on the moon, believe me I am not joking. Would I recommend them? You bet!”

Allan Cork, Author

We represent authors, like Mr Cork, who value the quality of their work and who recognise that effective book PR requires far more than distributing a press release to tens of thousands of journalists in the hope of attracting some – or any – attention.

The Mail carries a story about Alan Cork’s first waterproof paperback

The Telegraph carries a story about Alan Cork’s first waterproof paperback


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