Client: Angus Kennedy/Kennedy’s Confection
Campaign Type: Brand development/book PR/B2B PR/consumer PR/PR Events
Objective: Creating a media profile for Angus Kennedy, developing and maintaining that profile, and boosting the Kennedy’s Confection brand

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Palamedes PR was initially appointed by Angus Kennedy, the editor of a confectionery publication, for a project-based book PR campaign in 2010. The consultancy went on to generate hundreds of page leads for the man we dubbed Britain’s ‘Real Life Willy Wonka’.

Since 2011, the consultancy has variously provided Angus with strategic and ongoing counsel, created dozens of stories, orchestrated numerous photoshoots, created his website, generated and developed feature coverage, generated book PR coverage, promoting events, and generally worked tirelessly to position him as an authority on chocolate and international confectionery.

If you search the internet for ‘Angus Kennedy’, the chances are that whatever media coverage you find dating back to 2010 is a direct result of our work or from one of our many publicity campaigns. The same can probably be said for our photographs. It was us, for example, that broke the original story about the ‘World’s chocolate drought’, and us that broke the story about the ‘Real Life Willy Wonka’ who got too fat to continue his job. We have secured so many page leads for Angus that we stopped searching for coverage many moons ago. Our work has generated publicity in almost every British paper and in most international ones, too. Some stories do, however, include the following (see the rest in our Consumer PR Portfolio at the foot of this page):

“Wow. Wow. Wow. International exposure appears to come as standard for these guys.”

Angus Kennedy

As positioning campaigns go, our work for Angus was highly effective. He is now known as ‘The UK’s Real Life Willy Wonka’ – a statement still in use on TheAngusKennedy website. And the results of our work, in terms of ROI, are exceptionally high.

Angus Kennedy in the Telegraph – one of many

Angus Kennedy in the Express – one of several


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