Client: Dr Jim Penman/Biohistory
Campaign Type: UK book launch/branding/web design/advertising
Objective: Developing the Biohistory web presence, social media and branding, and launching the title in the UK

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Palamedes PR was appointed by Dr Jim Penman PhD to spearhead the UK book publicity program. Dr Penman spent forty years developing a theory of history and society based around the concept that human social behavior has biological roots. Recent developments in the field of epigenetics, and a six year research program commissioned through leading Melbourne universities, has confirmed and extended many of his ideas. The theory has been published in two books: Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West– purposefully aimed at the non-scientific community and Biohistory, a fuller academic text. Both have drawn critical acclaim and the support of notable figures from the academic community. The titles are published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, a publishing house founded by researchers from the University of Cambridge, England.

The agency variously developed digital collateral, including the website, before focusing upon the promotion of the titles themselves. We knew that the Biohistory theory, and the content of the books, warranted national media attention and set about bringing these unique messages to the attention of the wider media and to the public.

In terms of publicity, the campaign generated very substantial media coverage in titles including the Daily Telegraph, BBC History Magazine, The Daily Mail Online, The Church Times, and others. See the clippings, below:

“Biohistory is a radical new way of looking at civilisation, connecting human biology and personality with the rise and fall of empires. It is also underpinned by extensive research and analysis that, for the first time, offers a testable hypothesis into how societies develop. The findings reveal the invisible forces at play in history and offer some shocking conclusions regards the future of the West, which is set to collapse unless we take action soon. We have appointed Palamedes PR to support our publishing and marketing objectives, and are delighted to be working with them.”

Dr Jim Penman PhD (December, 2014, upon appointment)

We were delighted to be involved in this non-fiction book PR campaign, which generated significant exposure in a wide variety of national publications.

The Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail Online

Thought-leader article in BBC History Magazine

Tomorrow’s World

Knights Templar International

History of the Ancient World

The Church Times thought-leader


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