Client: Cal Sarwar
Campaign Type: Book PR/UK Book Launch
Objective: Publicising a new book about the rise of homegrown terrorism

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Cal Sarwar, the Scottish author, approached Palamedes PR to promote ‘The Cell The Wolf & The Faith’, an explosive new book he’d penned about fanatical extremists. We were tasked with obtaining regional and national coverage for the title, which was published by EP Publishing.

It became clear quite quickly that Cal’s research had been thorough, to say the least. Cal had managed to infiltrate the Taliban in Pakistan by posing as someone with a “deep hatred” of the West. His incredible story had to be told, and Palamedes PR, a specialist book PR firm, was determined to bring it to the fore.

The story about Cal’s infiltration hit the online news media within a few hours of distribution. It was running live on the Mail Online and on the Express and Scottish Express websites the same day. It also secured coverage in Scottish regionals  and a short piece in The Times print edition. The screenshots below will provide a flavour of the coverage we secured. You can view the rest in the Book PR Portfolio at the foot of the page.

“I’m very pleased to be working with Palamedes PR, an agency with impeccable credentials in this field”

Car Sarwar

When we say that our campaigns generate unapologetically high volumes of media coverage, we mean it. Our clients believe that we secure more column inches per release than any other British PR agency. We can’t say whether this is true or not, but this sensational consumer PR campaign proves one thing beyond doubt: that our PR campaigns reach tens of millions of people worldwide.

Daily Mail Online

Daily Express coverage for Cal Sarwar


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