Client: Clifton Smiles
Campaign Type: Consumer PR
Objective: Global publicity/event launch
Famous for: “The Royal Couple Teeth Tattoo”
Results: Though our role variously included the creation of various media-facing products, this PR campaign is best known for our Royal Teeth Tattoo – a story that you may well have seen on TV, heard on the radio, or read in any number of approximately 400 platforms worldwide. We devised and broke the story about ‘barmy’ Baz Franks, a patriotic plumber who splashed out £1,000 for the Royal Wedding by getting tattoos of the happy couple – on his teeth. Our work catapulted the client into the regional, national and international headlines. The story appeared in print, online, on TV, on radio, and on numerous news bulletins across the world. It also featured in countless industry blogs. The story was covered internationally by the Daily Telegraph (Australia), by, Yahoo!, AOL, 7 News (Australia), NBC (US), MSN, Nine News (Australia), Daily Motion (video), The Examiner (US), and in Germany, France, India (and most other places, too). The coverage below is a haphazard sample and a fraction of what was secured. The mosaic image, above left, was created using some of this media coverage.

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