India Dining

Client: India Dining
Campaign Type: Consumer PR/Restaurant PR
Objective: Raising and maintaining the profile of India Dining

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We’ve worked with India Dining, the award-winning Indian restaurant in Warlingham, Surrey, since 2009. In that time, we’ve broken some incredible stories and that have variously generated well in excess of 500 pieces of publicity internationally. There isn’t room to include each sub-campaign or project in a single case study, so we’ve decided to provide a case study for each one individually.

By the time we began work on this campaign, in 2011, we had already amassed more than 200 pieces of editorial coverage for India Dining. But we were keen to secure some broadcast coverage and, more specifically, national daily TV broadcast coverage. This is no mean feat at the best of times, as anyone reputable PR agency will tell you. It was approaching National Curry Week so we set about creating something that would mark this special occasion with something…memorable.

The result was the world’s first curry-scented perfume called ‘Tears on my Pilau’. Unlike most beauty accessories, this one wafted onto the British High Street with top notes of cumin, conifer resin, turmeric, tobacco sauce and curry powder. The unisex scent – which lingers for up to 24 hours was made to recreate the smell of a “real Mumbai street”.

The focus of this campaign was aimed squarely at TV audiences. And, within a day or so of the story breaking, the presenters of ITV’s Daybreak asked for a bottle to be delivered to the studio. The screenshot below will tell you what they thought of the smell. It went on to become a national talking point whilst securing bonus coverage in the Daily Mirror, Croydon Advertiser, and on numerous blogs and fashion/perfume sites.

““I’ve worked with Palamedes PR for more than five years, during which time they have generated hundreds of pieces of regional, national and international publicity for the India Dining brand. I’m grateful to them for their hard work, which continues for us today.”

India Dining

From a creative perspective, this campaign hit the nail on the head and culminated in unbeatable TV coverage with truly outstanding ROI. From a perfume perspective, we failed miserably – Tears on my Pilau smelled awful.

A screenshot of the Daybreak presenters smelling Tears on my Pilau live on air


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