Client: Marco Previero
Campaign Type: UK Book PR
Objective: Publicising ‘Dear Millie’

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Palamedes PR was re-appointed by the author Marco Previero for a second book PR campaign following the success of a launch PR campaign last year. Our objectives were to secure broad national attention for the book, which is being sold to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Our initial book PR campaign focused primarily on the regional media. With this in mind, our second book PR campaign was aimed squarely at the national print and online media. We achieved this through features and news content

We generated significant and widespread national publicity for the book, the results of which can be seen below.

Speaking after the first campaign, Marco said of our work: “Palamedes PR secured widespread publicity for my book, Dear Millie, which includes two BBC Radio interviews. I have enjoyed working with the Palamedes PR team, and would recommend them to other authors for book PR campaigns.”

Once again, Palamedes PR excels in the national media – securing widespread, positive and engaging news content for its authors and their works.

The Independent

Daily Mirror (Online)

Mirror #2

The Independent (Print), one of three

The Independent (Print), two of three

The Independent (Print), three of three in extended feature


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