Hundreds of pieces of global coverage for the academic and author Dr Sonja Falck

Palamedes PR was appointed by Dr Sonja Falck, a senior lecturer in psychology and psychotherapist who specialises in high-ability adults. Dr Falck believes that those with the highest IQs are routinely discriminated against in the UK, a subject she has researched for eight years and which is detailed in her new book, Extreme Intelligence: Development, Predicaments, Implications  (Routledge).

Extreme Intelligence by Dr Sonja FalckDr Falck wanted to highlight the issue within the media and spark debate by focusing on one area of discrimination: the use of insulting language against those with high IQs. She suggested that terms such as ‘geek’ and ‘dork’ should be criminalised under hate speech legislation. She was aware that such a call would be divisive but knew that this approach was the only way to get the nation examining how it interacts with the high IQ community.

The news story that we prepared based on Dr Falck’s views of intelligence discrimination secured hundreds of pieces of exposure worldwide, including print and online news placements, broadcast interviews and commentary, social media posts (such as the New York Post, below) and forum debates. A representative example of this extensive exposure can be found below.

Key Takeaways: 

Estimated global reach, excluding blogs and aggregates: 335million
Testimonial: “Palamedes PR inspired my confidence in them right from the start with their enthusiastic interest in my book and the flawless professionalism and reliability with which they have handled – and followed-up on – every single communication they have had with me throughout. Publicity has been a brand new thing for me that I was quite tentative about, and they have been most generously supportive. I placed my trust in their judgment about a news angle, and they have proven that they are experts in knowing how to get media attention: I have been stunned by the very wide coverage received including international press and radio and television appearances. Palamedes have also helped me stay steady through tabloid etc. reactions that have been negative and sensationalising, with their clear-sighted attention to very calmly putting it all into perspective for me. It has been reassuring for me to have such an experienced agency on my side and by my side, and through it they have additionally been giving me a valuable education in how the media works. Palamedes have my admiration as clearly being excellent at what they do.”

Mail Online
Daily Mail (Online)

The Daily Mail reaches 20million unique visitors per month within the UK and, globally, 106 million unique visitors per month. 

Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph (Print and Online)

The Daily Telegraph attracts 20million unique visitors per month and has an average print circulation of 309,000. 

Ms Sonja Falck Daily Star front page print
Daily Star (Print and Online)

The Daily Star has an average print circulation of 289,000 and attracts approximately 7million unique visitors per month to its website. The paper  featured the story as a front-page splash.

Metro (Print and Online)

Daily national newspaper Metro attracts approximately 20million unique visitors to its website each month. The print edition has an audited circulation of 1.4million. 

Dr Sonja Falck Daily Express for website
Daily Express (Online)

The Daily Express website attracts approximately 22million unique visitors per month.

The Sun
The Sun (Online)

The Sun is currently the UK’s most visited news website, attracting approximately 33million unique visitors per month.


LADbible is the 13th most visited website in the UK and draws over 40million unique visitors per month. 


UNILAD is part of the LADbible publishing group and attracts  30 million monthly unique visitors.

New York Post
New York Post (Online)

The New York Post is the fourth largest newspaper in the United States and reaches an estimated 44million unique visitors per month.

Ms Sonja Falck LBC clipping
LBC (Online)

The website for national radio station LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) attracts 1.2million unique visitors per month

The Register
The Register (Online)

Technology website The Register reaches nine million monthly unique browsers per month.

Ms Sonja Falck Daily Mirror print
Daily Mirror (Print)

According to the latest figures, the Daily Mirror has an average circulation of 550,000.

Palamedes PR, the book PR agency
BBC Radio Humberside (UK)

Dr Sonja Falck was interviewed on BBC Radio Humberside, which reaches 112,000 listeners per week.

talkRadio logo
talkRadio (UK)

Dr Sonja Falck was interviewed on national radio station talkRadio, which attracts an average weekly audience of 386,00.

Newstalk  (UK)

Irish independent radio station Newstalk has approximately 768,000 weekly listeners.

New York Times Twitter
The New York Post (Twitter)

The New York Post has 1.5million followers on their Twitter account.


Dr Falck’s call for insults such as ‘nerd’ to be treated as hate crimes has sparked significant online debate, including on international forum Reddit.

Dr Sonja Falck GMB 3
Good Morning Britain (TV)

Flagship ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain has an average audience of 726,000.

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