Client: Gigi’s
Campaign Type: Consumer PR (Restaurant Launch)
Objective: Publicising Gigi’s, the premier restaurant and bar in Mayfair

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Palamedes PR was appointed to spearhead the launch of Gigi’s restaurant, an exclusive new venue in Mayfair. Palamedes PR, which specialises in national and international PR, was principally tasked with choreographing media attendance and generating headlines during the pre-public opening phase.

Having orchestrated media attendance and distributed media invitations – and secured appointment coverage – we produced compelling content about the restaurant’s plan to create an “ultra-rare” cocktail. The result, the ‘Gigi’s’, cost £8,888.

This consumer PR generated page leads across the UK and internationally, and secured exposure for Gigi’s in the wider trade press. The reach and ROI was significant. Coverage, which can also be found in the Consumer PR Portfolio, included the following:

Mail Online
World’s most popular news platform with 190 million unique visitors per month, or nearly 11million per day

ITV Online
National news broadcaster whose site attracts more than 3million unique visitors per month

Reveal Magazine Online
The online version of which attracts 9million visitors per month

Daily Telegraph Online
One of the UK’s most popular news websites, attracting 57 million unique visitors per month

Daily Telegraph Print Edition
Circulation of 523,000 nationwide.

Independent Online
Respected national newspaper whose website attracts 30million unique visitors per month.

Daily Mirror Online
National newspaper whose website attracts 28million unique visitors per month.

Daily Mirror Print Edition
Circulation of 963,000 nationwide.

The Daily Star Online
National newspaper whose website attracts 5.8million unique visitors per month.

The Daily Star Print Edition
Circulation of 476,000 nationwide

Daily Express & Sunday Express Online
National newspaper websites whose website attracts 9.4million unique visitors per month.

Western Daily Press Online
Respected and bestselling regional paper in the south-west of England. The portal of websites to which it belongs attract 7million unique users per month
New news website with a nationwide audience. Figures as yet unavailable but are believed to be in excess of 1million unique users per month

Trade & Celebrity Sites

The Sprit Business
A market leading publication covering the “world’s hottest venues” – reaching 50,000 spirit professionals worldwide

Grace Jones cocktail goes on sale for £9,000

The Drinks Business
The only international trade title solely dedicated to the spirits trade. Website draws approximately 100,000 unique visitors per month

Grace Jones cocktail launches at £9k

Respected source of restaurant news. Site draws 7.6million unique visitors per month

The Daily Meal
Hugely popular food and drinks website, attracting 8million unique visitors per month

Holy Moly
Hugely popular celebrity-driven news platform with 1.7million unique visitors per month

Gerald Blazevic, of GCBS London, which represents Gigi’s and instructed the agency, said: “We appointed Palamedes PR because of its proven track record in project-based PR roles, and I am very, very pleased with the results it provided.”

Addendum: Gigi’s of Mayfair re-appointed Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency, in December 2014 on account of the success of this initial campaign. Gerald Blazevic, the founder of Gigi’s, said: “Gigi’s of Mayfair re-appointed Palamedes PR on account of the exceptional work it conducted for the restaurant’s opening launch parties. The volume of media attention that the company secured was astonishing. Working with Palamedes PR has been a pleasure, and Gigi’s looks forward to developing its relationship with the agency well into 2015.”

This consumer PR is testament to what we achieve for our clients in a little over seven days from appointment to completion. It is also another example of how we deliver upon our promises by exceeding the client’s expectations at every turn. The return on investment that this PR campaign produced was truly significant, both in monetary terms but also in respect of market positioning and brand awareness. We were tasked with creating a buzz – and we certainly did so.

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