Client: Gurpareet Bains/Absolute Press (Bloomsbury)
Campaign Type: Book PR/Celebrity PR
Objective: Publicising Gurpareet’s bestselling cookery book, ‘Indian Superfood’
Famous for: “The world’s healthiest meal”/”The world’s healthiest Christmas dinner” and others
Results: We’ve represented Gurpareet Bains, the Anglo-Indian celebrity chef, since 2009. Gurpareet is the pioneer of Indian Superfood whose fans include DJ Chris Evans and the Royal Family. In 2014, Gurpareet’s new book, the Superfood Diet, burst into the bestseller charts. Even by our (uncompromisingly high and seldom matched) standards, our campaigns in that time have generated serious volumes of publicity in print, online, and on TV and radio – so much so, that we stopped bothering searching for it years ago. It variously includes Hello, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio (others), Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Marie Claire, IOL, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Visit Bulgaria, India Express, The Indian, Times of India, Yahoo News, Metro, Chaat, Independent, ITV, Delish,, Closer, London Evening Standard, Daily Express, The Sun…and many (many!) more. A second case study, for Gurpareet’s “guilt-free Christmas dinner”, can be found here.

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