Client: Gurpareet Bains
Campaign Type: Book PR/UK book launch
Objective: Publicising Gurpareet’s bestselling cookery books

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Gurpareet Bains, the celebrity chef and TV presenter, approached Palamedes PR in 2009 advance of the publication of his first book, Indian Superfood. He would remain under the agency’s wing for the next five years and remains a personal client and close friend of Jon Kirk, the agency’s publicist. We use a photograph of Gurpareet and DJ Chris Evans on the home page of our website, and in some of our literature. Evans said Gurpareet’s was the “best curry I have ever tasted in all of my life”, which was a rather nice soundbite.

Palamedes PR has run about half-a-dozen book PR campaigns for Gurpareet over the years, all of which focused on the creation of compelling, newsworthy copy. One of which was the ‘world’s healthiest meal’ but they have variously included a hangover-busting cocktail, a curry for insomniacs, and many more. There’s little point providing reams of text about what we did for Gurpareet’s books – see for yourself, below.

Even by our (uncompromisingly high and seldom matched) standards, our campaigns generated serious volumes of publicity – so much so, that we stopped bothering searching for it. A publicity audit we conducted three years ago brought back 53 pages of coverage with approximately two entries per page, including a number of splashes. The information and links below should give you a flavour (if you’ll forgive the pun); more can be seen in the Book PR Portfolio.

“Palamedes PR catapulted me into the wider international headlines, and their work resulted in several dozen appearances on national and regional TV and radio. Palamedes PR is, in my experience, the only PR agency to rely upon for quality news-generation that works.”

Gurpareet Bains

Our clients tell us that we secure more column inches per project-based PR campaign than anyone else in the PR marketplace. This is arguable, of course. But what cannot be disputed is hard fact. And we’ve generated an absurdly high volume of hard facts for Gurpareet in the form of clippings, screenshots, live broadcast interviews, personal appearances and magazine features.

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