How to be REALLY Productive

Client: Pearson
Campaign Type: Book PR
Objective: The promotion of How to be REALLY Productive, a Pearson title by Grace Marshall

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How to be REALLY Productive: achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends is a Pearson title by Grace Marshall. Our role was to raise the book’s profile within the wider business media.

It was crucial that the book’s content, and the author’s insights and research, were disseminated in sufficient detail to do them justice. With this in mind, we focused on generating book reviews, in-depth news-led coverage, and broadcast interviews.

This business book PR campaign generated exposure within the wider business media, and within print, broadcast and online platforms.

Business Daily (Online)

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Brilliant Business Books (Review)

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The Chartered Management Institute (Review)

Female First

Palamedes pr

Irish Times (Print and Online)

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Let’s Talk Business (Broadcast Interview)

Share Radio (Broadcast Interview)

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Start Your Business Magazine

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Business Matters Magazine

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Business Matters Magazine #2

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