Client: Jelly Bean Factory
Campaign Type: Consumer PR
Objective: Promoting the Jelly Bean Factory brand with national and international headlines

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The Jelly Bean Factory appointed Palamedes PR to fulfil two primary objectives – to generate coverage in trade and business titles, and to reach nationwide consumer audiences.

Our work in a B2B PR capacity generated substantial quantities of coverage within the wider trade press. But it was a story we broke about Kate Middleton’s face being spotted on a jelly bean that made the world sit up and take notice.

In a B2B PR context, the publicity that was secured was of an exceptional standard in terms of reach, content and volume. In a consumer PR context, the story about Kate on a jelly bean was phenomenal. After the initial story broke, making headlines around the world, we maintained the momentum by securing 50 or more page leads with a great follow. Like so many of our campaigns, we were simply unable to keep-up with the coverage that was generated; it is no exaggeration to say that it probably secured 500 pieces of coverage, including blogs, worldwide. It also generated substantial online discussion, with a piece on the Mail Online prompting 1,900 shares alone. If you Google ‘Kate Middleton on a jelly bean’, you’ll bring up more than 100,000 results. One of the images in the feature gallery, above, is a mosaic that was created using some of the coverage we found at the time.

  • Daily Telegraph
  • New York Daily News
  • Huffington Post
  • New York Magazine
  • Perez Hilton
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • CBC
  • Business Insider
  • ABC
  • Daily Express
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Press Gazette
  • Independent
  • Daily Mail
  • First News
  • The Register
  • Somerset County Gazette
  • Metro
  • BBC
  • CBBC
  • Sun Times
  • Mirror (which included a picture of Jesus’ face on a naan bread – another of our stories for India Dining – see the India Dining case study).
  • Channel 24 (SA)
  • Daily Telegraph Australia
  • Yahoo! Lifestyle
  • (Australia)

“The story about Kate Middleton was timed perfectly and appeared across the world in the days before the Royal wedding. We were very, very pleased with the results and hope to continue working with Palamedes PR hereafter.”

Richard Cullen, Managing Director, Jelly Bean Factory

When we say that our campaigns generate unapologetically high volumes of media coverage, we mean it. Our clients believe that we secure more column inches per release than any other British PR agency. We can’t say whether this is true or not, but this sensational consumer PR campaign proves one thing beyond doubt: that our PR campaigns reach tens of millions of people worldwide.

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