Client: India Dining
Campaign Type: Consumer PR/Restaurant PR
Objective: Maintaining the profile of India Dining with another project-based PR campaign

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We’ve worked with India Dining, the award-winning Indian restaurant in Warlingham, Surrey, since 2009. In that time, we’ve broken some incredible stories and that have variously generated well in excess of 500 pieces of publicity internationally. There isn’t room to include each sub-campaign or project in a single case study, so we’ve decided to provide a case study for each one individually.

Most good PR agencies listen to their clients – and have a communication stream with their clients’ customers. We have always maintained both which, in this case, resulted in a rather newsworthy story about Jesus’ face. Or, more accurately, Jesus’ face being spotted on an India Dining naan bread. We broke the story of Jesus’ face on a naan bread just after Christmas in 2010 [“Naan believer?”].

National media was obtained for the restaurant within two hours of distribution. Coverage we obtained from this consumer PR campaign hit most UK national newspapers, some radio shows, regional media, numerous blogs, and trade press. It variously included (from what we can remember):

Daily Mirror (in a piece which also included a picture of Kate Middleton’s face on a jelly bean – another of our stories, see the Jelly Bean Factory case study)

  • Daily Mirror (Opinion)
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Metro
  • Huffington Post
  • Daily Express
  • Surrey Comet

and other regional media

“I’ve worked with Palamedes PR for more than five years, during which time they have generated hundreds of pieces of regional, national and international publicity for the India Dining brand. I’m grateful to them for their hard work, which continues for us today”

India Dining

India Dining is a brand with which we have enjoyed considerable success since first representing its interests in 2009. In a saturated industry, five years is a long time. But the formula to this winning relationship is no secret: we over-deliver on our promises by ensuring that each and every PR campaign we orchestrate bears the hallmark of quality. On this basis, we continue to represent India Dining and hope to do so for many years to come.

The Daily Telegraph is among several titles to carry the naan bread story

Surrey Comet

Daily Express



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