Client: John Harris
Campaign Type: Book PR
Objective: Promoting Mr Harris’ new non-fiction title, Rudolph Hess

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We were appointed by the author and historian John Harris to promote his meticulously researched new book, Rudolph Hess: The British Illusion of Peace. Our task was, primarily, to secure coverage for the title in the wider UK national media.

The author’s book contained some fascinating – and newsworthy – revelations, and we set about bringing these to the public’s attention through compelling editorial content. Our work consisted of a number of sub-projects, each of which was successful. But it was our story about where Hitler’s right-hand man was heading on the night he was captured in Scotland that captured the media’s attention. Deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess was snared in Renfrewshire after crash-landing in a field on May 10 1941. He had been lured to the UK on the pretence of brokering a peace deal, but was captured on arrival and spent the rest the war, and his life, behind bars. His imprisonment ”considerably” weakened the German Army and directly contributed to an Allied victory. The exact spot where Hess hoped to land had remained a mystery and had plagued experts for decades until Harris’ painstaking research unlocked the enigma once and for all.

The campaign resulted in significant national and international media coverage, which included – but was not limited to – the following publications:

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Daily Mail (twice)
  • Daily Express (DPS) and Online
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • War History Online
  • Eye Spy Magazine
  • US News
  • History Today
  • Thaindian News
  • Education Today

Dozens of blogs and other platforms

We are a specialist in non-fiction PR, and the results of this project-based book PR campaign are testament to the volumes of publicity we can and do generate for our discerning stable of authors.

Daily Express DPS

Daily Telegraph

Daily Express DPS

The Mail covers our story about Rudolph Hess

The Telegraph covers our story about Rudolph Hess


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