Karl de Leeuw

Client: Karl de Leeuw
Campaign Type: Book PR
Objective: The promotion of the International Celebration of Dyslexia


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Palamedes PR was appointed by The Dyslexia Code author and dyslexia campaigner Karl de Leeuw in March 2019 to promote his vision for the International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD) – the world’s first event to promote dyslexia as a gift. We were tasked with securing nationwide exposure, an exclusive thought-leader article, radio interviews, and with creating a responsive new website about the ICD.

The Consultancy delivered the following services to support the Client’s aims:

  • We prepared and distributed an in-depth feature about the proposed ICD event
  • We secured an exclusive thought-leader opportunity with a leading lifestyle title and wrote the copy with the Client’s input
  • We developed a newsworthy radio pitch and distributed it to BBC and commercial station newsdesks across the UK
  • We designed a bespoke website for the ICD event with custom URL and logo

The Karl de Leeuw campaign secured the following exposure:

  • An exclusive thought-leader article with lifestyle website Female First
  • A syndicated feature on over 100 regional news websites including The Scotsman and Yorkshire Post
  • Radio interviews with BBC Radio Somerset and RNIB Connect
  • A new website – www.ICD.World

Each of the editorial products we created achieved 100% coverage with a combined reach of approximately 37 million. (This figure is based on the unique monthly visitor figures of websites and weekly listener figures of radio stations).

Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency

Female First (Online)

Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency

The Scotsman (one of more than 100 regional news websites)

BBC Radio Somerset

Palamedes PR, the book PR agency

RNIB Connect

Palamedes PR, the book PR agency


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