Client: Lifelong Workshops
Campaign Type: Book PR/Consumer PR/B2B PR/Launch PR
Objective: Publicising the Lifelong Workshops, and its literature and training

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Palamedes PR was re-appointed by Lifelong, the education brand, to support its in-roads into UK schools and other educational institutions. We were also tasked with promoting a series of children’s fitness books, which run in conjunction with in-school learning. The re-appointment followed hugely successful PR campaigns that generated widespread media attention in the regional and national print, broadcast and digital media. We were delighted to work with Lifelong again, and look forward to doing so soon.

We created a mixture of compelling news content with immediate, cross-platform appeal in order to secure positive and on-target column inches and exposure quickly.

Media attention was garnered in key broadcast, print and digital titles/platforms on a regional and national scale. Placements including competitions and reviews were also secured in a swathe of on-target publications, many of which can be found below. The two BBC interviews can be heard below.

“We re-appointed Palamedes PR on account of the success of our first campaign. We are pleased we did because the second campaign resulted in some exceptional pieces of print, broadcast and digital coverage – including two interviews with the BBC.”

Daniel Fallon, Managing Director

It has and remains our pleasure working with Lifelong, a company that has and will long continue to change perceptions about childhood inactivity and to bring about much-needed change.

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