NABU International and freediving champion William Trubridge

Client: NABU International and William Trubridge 
Campaign Type: Consumer PR
Objective: To secure national news coverage of William Trubridge’s record-making underwater swim, done in support of conservation charity NABU International and to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Hector’s and critically endangered Māui dolphins in New Zealand waters.

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In February 2019, Palamedes PR supported conservation charity NABU International on a pro-bono basis.  We were tasked with securing national newspaper coverage in the UK for the organisation and British-born freediving champion William Trubridge,who has completed a world-record making underwater crossing of New Zealand’s notorious Cook Strait in 934 consecutive breath-holding dives in association. He completed the feat to raise awareness of the endangered Hector’s and critically endangered Māui dolphins that are being decimated by commercial fishing around New Zealand’s coast, including the Cook Strait.

The Consultancy delivered the following services to support the Client’s aims:

  • We developed a publication-ready national news story about William’s record-making underwater swim
  • We utilised the UK’s largest independent national news agency, SWNS, to distribute the news copy, plus accompanying imagery and video, to the national UK news media

The NABU International campaign secured the following exposure:

  • National online news placements with The Times and Yahoo UK News

Each of the editorial products we created achieved 100% coverage with a combined reach of approximately 65 million. (This figure is based on the unique monthly visitor figures of websites).

“Jon and the team at Palamedes were able to pick up the PR for my project literally at the drop of a hat and turn it into national media coverage!  They’re fiendishly good at creating and editing content in order to make it appealing, as well as ensuring that it finds its way onto all the important newsdesks.  I wouldn’t look anywhere else for UK and global PR management.”

William Trubridge, freediving world champion and world record holder

Palamedes PR, the charity PR agency
Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency

The Times

Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency

Yahoo News UK


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