Client: Oggy Boytchev
Campaign Type: UK book launch
Objective: Palamedes PR was appointed by Oggy Boytchev, the BBC World Affairs Producer, to promote his new memoirs, Simpson & I: Between Two Worlds. Boytchev worked as a producer to the BBC World Affairs Editor, John Simpson, with whom he has covered each of the world’s main conflicts, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the Arab Spring. He also produced and directed Simpson’s reports from Iran during the ‘Green Revolution’ in Tehran in June 2009, and a great number of Simpson’s interviews with world leaders. In 2008, the pair went undercover in Harare, Zimbabwe, in spite of a ban on the BBC by the regime of Robert Mugabe.
His book, published through Quartet Books and described as a factual thriller, chronicles some of the most memorable stories ever to appear on the 10 O’clock News. It reveals many of their most dangerous and “nail-biting” assignments, and lifts the lid on Boytchev’s working relationship with one of the biggest names in broadcasting.
Famous for: Breaking the story that BBC war correspondents could be replaced by drones
Result: Page leads in print and online within 60 minutes of distributuion. listed our story as one of the top three news items of the week. Coverage variously included The Times, The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Royal Television Society, and more.

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