Client: Swim the Big Blue
Campaign Type: International consumer PR/charity PR/expedition PR
Objective: Publicising the Swim the Big Blue expedition to a UK and global audience

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Swim the Big Blue, a record-breaking expedition to swim every single mile of the Atlantic Ocean, appointed Palamedes PR for a UK consumer PR and an international consumer PR campaign. The expedition leaders required consistently broad, positive and engaging news content in order to bring the expedition to a global audience. We were tasked with securing news and feature content within the UK national news media, the wider swimming and outdoor media, in addition to overseas (particularly the US) media audiences.

Since our appointment, the agency has developed consistently high quality news content in order to deliver the client’s expectations. Our content has variously included news copy, feature-led editorial and survey-led concepts.

To date, we have secured up to 150 pieces of content on regional, national and international platforms. These include newspaper, magazine, radio and TV, and publications within the wider swimming and outdoor sector. It also includes in-depth interviews in print and on radio and TV.

We will be representing the expedition throughout, and anticipate more media coverage as the months roll on.

“Palamedes PR has an international reputation for generating powerful media coverage, and I am so relieved that I engaged their services for this reason. They secured global publicity for Swim the Big Blue, and I can say with experience and authority that this PR agency is one to be reckoned with.” Ben Hooper

Our clients maintain that we generate more media coverage per individual release than any other British PR agency. We can’t say if this is true or not, but the volume of publicity for this campaign alone reflects our position as a market-leader in national and international PR.

Mail Online

Daily Mirror Online

Daily Telegraph Online

Independent (Online)

SKY News #1

SKY News #2

BBC World Service (Interview & Website)

BBC Radio 5 Live (Interview)

Daily Mirror Print

Daily Telegraph Weekend Cover Feature – one of three pages

Daily Telegraph Weekend Cover Feature – two of three pages

Daily Telegraph Weekend Cover Feature – three of three pages

The Times (Print)


Palamedes PR

Capital FM

LBC Radio

The screenshots and print edition clippings, above, are only a fraction of those generated by us during this campaign. We’ve included a few more, below:



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