The Sun shines on animal godparents


Two friends have become quasi-legal godparents to animals

Two friends have become quasi-legal godparents to animals

The agency has secured national media exposure in The Sun, it emerged this morning.

Our story about Christine Bodman, becoming a godparent to a friend’s three dogs was running live on the Sun Online today.

Ms Bodman, 65, is the quasi-legal guardian of a pal’s three dogs – Newfoundlands Ruby, two, Maggie, four, and ten-year-old Labrador-cross Harley.

The married former secretary made a solemn vow to “protect and care” for the animals in the event of their owner’s death or incapacitation.

She promised to provide the pets with a roof over their heads “for the rest of their natural lives” if pal Pat Franklin was no longer able to do so herself.

The friends made the commitment in a five-minute ceremony at Christine’s home in the village of Worton, near Devizes, Wilts.

A spokesman for Palamedes said the story, for the national pet-sitting service, was “a great example of our news story service.”

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By Anthony Harvison

Wednesday 13th March 2013