Top 5 myths of self-help: book PR exposure for Dr Stephen Briers

Dr Stephen Briers1

Palamedes PR client Stephen Briers writes a double-page feature for New Humanist magazine, out now


Palamedes PR has secured a double-page spread in New Humanist magazine for the TV psychologist Dr Stephen Briers.

The self-help article, written by Dr Briers, discusses whether so-called “psychobabble” – the lingo of popular psychology – actually helps.

His two-page feature, which appears in the current March/April edition, also discusses the worse clichés of the “Me Generation”.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, which specialises in book PR, said: “We are very pleased with this latest media coverage, and we are grateful to the New Humanist for its support.”

Dr Stephen Briers2

By Anthony Harvison