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The award-Winning property, travel and tourism marketing agency behind some of the most memorable PR campaigns.

We deliver mass volumes of guaranteed, quality publicity for developments, hotels, restaurants, bars, venues and destinations anywhere in the world. And we secure guaranteed national press coverage and commissioned media visits, too.

We shape brand stories through mass volumes of quality TV, radio and national media exposure.

Palamedes PR is a well-established specialist lifestyle communications agency with PR and marketing expertise in the luxury travel, property, tourism and hospitality sectors. We nurture the needs of our national and international clients by providing measurable results in both revenue and in column inches. With a long and proven track record across property, hospitality, travel and tourism, Palamedes possesses the journalistic skillset, media experience and award-winning marketing creativity to launch new brands and venues, and to reignite public interest in established concepts and destinations.

Celebrity & Media Visits
  • Bespoke Press Trips with Guaranteed Results
  • Guaranteed, commissioned visits in the UK and anywhere in the world from leading national press and national broadcast journalists | Obtain quality and in-depth articles with live HTML links and contact information | Build lasting links with national press reporters and with trade and magazine journalists nationwide | All media visits include guaranteed commissions | Bespoke itineraries for hotels, restaurants, property developments and other destinations | Guaranteed coverage | Optional celebrity and influencer endorsement/involvement
  • From just £2,999
Broadcast - TV & Radio
  • Reach and engage target audiences nationwide with BBC and commercial stations
  • Up to 20 guaranteed on-air radio interviews on BBC and commercial platforms across the UK | Rare opportunity to discuss your destination on-air and engage millions of consumers nationwide | Media radio training provided | Recordings included | Exclusive package with significant return on investment | Optional TV appearances
  • From just £1,499
National Newspapers & Magazines
  • Reach tens of millions of consumers across the UK or your money back
  • Obtain publicity for your venue or destination in the UK national daily or weekend newspapers through our signature editorial service | Reach tens of millions of consumers across the UK in newspapers including The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and others, and in leading magazines including Time Out, Wanderlust , Conde Nast and others | We create all content | Invaluable opportunity for national publicity | Publicity can often be obtained in as little as 14 days
  • From just £1,499

What to Expect: Quality National Exposure Without Expensive Retainers.

Palamedes delivers quality media exposure without expensive, needless retainers, and without long-winded marketing plans that look impressive on paper but rarely (if ever) live up to expectations. Our property marketing, and travel and tourism PR services provide mass publicity in the print, broadcast and online media thanks to the journalistic pedigree of our team and our extensive, practical experience in many of Britain’s largest newsrooms. Since 2009, Palamedes has generated thousands of page leads, radio interviews and TV appearances worldwide for a varied client base in the hospitality industry. From local authorities, property developers, accommodation and restaurant owners, and tourist offices, our specialist lifestyle marketing services deliver measurable results without fail.

In fact, we’re frequently appointed to correct the wrongs of other lifestyle PR agencies that failed to secure the media exposure they promised.

In most cases, Palamedes can secure widespread publicity for hotels, restaurants and other venues and destinations in as little as 14 days. And unlike other, less reputable lifestyle PR agencies, the results of our property and lifestyle marketing campaigns are covered by a peace-of-mind guarantee.

You can explore our client list, past and present, here.

Praise for Our Property Marketing and Travel and Tourism PR Campaigns.

Palamedes has been delivering on its publicity promises since 2009. In that time, we’ve orchestrated 1,000 or more property marketing and travel and tourism PR campaigns for an eclectic client base of tourist boards, new and established venues, and local authorities. It is especially satisfying when those clients endorse our work by providing Palamedes with a testimonial and review.

We remain extremely grateful to those individuals and organisations who volunteered to acknowledge the fruits of our labour by telling others about their experience.

See all property and tourism PR client testimonials here.

Case Studies: Famous Property PR and Travel and Tourism Marketing Campaigns with Global Reach.

From PR stunts and celebrity launch events to survey-led news stories and media visits, everything we do is focused on column inches – and lots of them. Our prizewinning team of former national news, travel and broadcast journalists create great editorial content that frequently appears in the national and international newspapers, in glossy magazines, and on TV and radio worldwide. From BBC, SKY and ITN News to the International Business Times, our property marketing and travel and tourism PR campaigns resonate with the media and with the public.

And unlike other UK property marketing and travel and tourism PR agencies that promise the world and fail to deliver, Palamedes guarantees the results of its work. It means our clients receive widespread, award-winning exposure and complete peace-of-mind from the outset.

Our property PR and travel and tourism marketing case studies are too numerous to appear here, so we’ve included a small selection for illustrative purposes.

 You can explore the rest over on our Case Studies page, here.

Why Palamedes PR?

* We’ve broken some of the biggest property marketing and travel PR stories in the last decade
* We’re run and staffed by former national travel, features and news journalists who know a great story and how to place it quickly and easily within the national, trade and travel press
* We’ve been generating mass headlines for hotels, restaurants, venues, and other destinations for more than a decade and have a proven track record on TV, radio and the national media
* We generate more consumer-facing publicity per campaign than any other UK lifestyle PR and marketing agency, according to our clients and the media
* We’re able to secure publicity for any venue, new or old, usually within a fortnight – often where others have failed
* Our property marketing and travel and tourism PR campaigns capture the media’s attention and become national talking points
* We’re the only property marketing and travel and tourism PR agency that is willing and able to guarantee its work in the national media and on radio
* We’re not fluffy, won’t dine out on your dollar, and won’t attempt to wow you with nonsensical buzzwords and industry jargon
* We deliver what we promise – often within as little as 14 days – or your money back

More Property Marketing and Travel & Tourism PR Testimonials

“Fantastic value for money…[Palamedes PR] has an insight into the media that achieves headlines every time” – Peter Mills, Development Director, Severn Quay

“We appointed Palamedes PR on account of the absolutely superb national coverage they can achieve. They didn’t disappoint” – Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

“Palamedes PR are a superb agency to work with, offering a level of service and professionalism that’s simply invaluable to authors.” – Gill Fielding, wealth creation expert, co-founder of Fielding Financial and star of Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire

“Working with Palamedes PR has been a genuine delight. It is a very hands-on agency and is extremely thorough in its methods. We have benefited from significant regional and national media coverage and remain indebted to Jon Kirk and to his excellent team or raising the profile of our awards and of Monmouthshire generally.” – The Monmouthshire Business Awards

“Gigi’s restaurant of Mayfair appointed – and quickly re-appointed – Palamedes PR on account of the exceptional work it conducted for the restaurant’s opening launch parties. The volume of media attention that the company secured was astonishing. Working with Palamedes PR has been a pleasure, and Gigi’s looks forward to developing its relationship with the agency” – Gigi’s, Mayfair, London

“I’ve worked with Palamedes PR for more than five years, during which time they have generated hundreds of pieces of regional, national and international publicity for the India Dining brand. I’m grateful to them for their hard work, which continues for us today” – Asad Khan, owner India Dining

“I was recommended to Palamedes PR by a good friend who had received exceptional service from the consultancy. I’m grateful to my friend for the recommendation, as Palamedes PR is, undoubtedly, one of the best public relations agencies in the country.” – Barry Verber restaurant critic

“Palamedes PR is our agency of choice” – Guestscan

“Palamedes PR is like the Heineken of British agencies – it hits the parts other PR agencies can’t reach” – Ricky Dewsbury, MailOnline

“Regional and national coverage for Kinrowan within 36 hours of working with them. A really incredible job.” – Kinrowan Holiday Park

“A great property PR campaign that delivered on its expectations” – Absolutely Abruzzo

“Superb media visits and subsequent exposure in the British national media” – Adler Spa luxury resort and spa, Italy

“The Palamedes PR team generated huge levels of coverage for us when we needed it most. They achieved this through media visits and by preparing fantastic news stories. Palamedes PR did a superb job, and we thoroughly recommend them” – The Dordogne Experience

“Palamedes PR achieved regional and national exposure for Dunwood Court through a combination of clever ideas and exceptional delivery. Great property PR campaigns” – Dunwood Court