American Author Appoints Palamedes for British Communications

The American heavyweight journalist and CBS anchor, Bill Deane, appoints Palamedes for UK book PR

By Bella Frost

29th January, 2013

The American author and heavyweight investigative journalist Bill Deane has appointed Palamedes to represent his latest novel in the UK.

Deane, penned Smooth Criminal: A One Man American Crimewave following a 45-year career in TV and broadcast journalism.

The book reveals Deane’s research into the CIA and how, he believes, the federal agency is training dangerous prisoners in order to carry out “black op” assignments for the American government.

Deane, the former Assignment Editor at CBS News for 30 years, selected Palamedes because of its proven track record in effective book PR.

Anthony Harvison, Palamedes’ campaigns manager, said : “This is an explosive book, and Deane’s credentials as a respected journalist, editor and news anchor are testament to the quality of the writing and research.”

Complimentary review copies of Smooth Criminal: A One Man American Crimewave are available here: