Restaurant critic Barry “Paxman” Verber on why London is now Europe’s cuisine capital

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The top restaurant critic Barry Verber, dubbed the ‘Jeremy Paxman of the dinner table’ for his no-nonsense reviews

Barry Verber, the restaurant critic, has been featured by the London regional media following his comments about the capital now boasts Europe’s best cuisine.

Verber, dubbed the “Jeremy Paxman of the dinner table” on account of his straight-talking reviews, believes London now outstrips Paris as Europe’s cuisine capital thanks to Londoners shedding their British reserve.

The Bayswater-based critic, who has dined in most of London’s top restaurants, said Britons are now embracing the candid cynicism more usually seen in American visitors which is making them “speak up instead of remaining sulkily silent about an overcooked rare steak”.

He believes this has even spurred some restaurants to reduce their prices and particularly pretentious one to become less ostentatious.

Verber’s disclosures about the London restaurant scene secured publicity on the leading west London news site, Get West London.

The site covers the Ealing Gazette, Harrow Observer, Uxbridge Gazette, Hounslow Chronicle and Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle, and reaches over 386,000 unique users a month.