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West Africa Apology Government petition launches

We’ve been working with the author, historian and campaigner Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi to launch a petition to seek a formal apology from the British Government for the forced conscription of West African soldiers during the Second World War.

And we need your help.

Few realise that the West African soldiers who fought alongside British and Allied forces during WW2 were forcefully conscripted. Many were physically dragged from their homes in the former British colonies of Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia on the direct order of Her Majesty’s Government.

They were sent to the frontline to fight the Axis powers. Thousands never returned home. Countless survivors developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Shockingly, the UK Government has never apologised for this shameful practice, and to this day refuses to officially recognise the vital role those men had to play in the campaign that ended the Japanese occupation of Burma in 1945.

Dr Peprah-Gyamfi, a client of author PR agency Palamedes PR, is widely recognised as an authority on the the subject and has authored two books that detail the shocking story of forced conscription and its aftermath – World War II Revisited: Memoirs of a Forced African Conscript AND Twins Divided –  which were published in the UK last month.

Please take a moment to visit (and hopefully sign) the West Africa Apology petition on the Petition Parliament website. For more information about Dr Peprah-Gyamfi’s campaign, visit the new West Africa Apology website, which we’ve just completed.

Thanks so much.


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