World’s hottest Easter egg looks good in Caterham Mirror

World's Hottest Easter Egg

Palamedes PR secures yet more on-goal regional exposure for India Dining and its ‘Not for Bunnies’ chilli Easter egg

Palamedes PR has secured more regional exposure for India Dining and its chilli Easter egg, it emerged this morning.

Our story about the ‘Not for Bunnies’ chocolate egg, which packs a punch equivalent to 400 bottles of Tobasco sauce, was published in the Caterham Mirror today.

The egg – which measures a volcanic 1million units on the Scoville heat scale – has now appeared in several regional titles.

Palamedes PR also secured exposure in the national media and on various international news websites.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, which specialises in news-generation and consumer PR, said the latest campaign for India Dining had been a “huge success”.

“We’re delighted with the additional exposure, and we’re grateful to the Caterham Mirror for covering the story,” he said.

“We’ve worked with India Dining since 2009, and we’re proud to say that each and every campaign we’ve orchestrated on their behalf has worked exceptionally well.”

By Anthony Harvison