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Bestselling Author Naomi Simmons Challenges Hidden Disabilities Inequity

Bestselling author Naomi Simmons receives media coverage discussing hidden disabilities discrimination

The world’s bestselling author of nonfiction, Naomi Simmons, has called for society to “open its eyes about hidden disabilities”.

Ms Simmons, whose series of books teaching English as a foreign language to young children have sold more than 550 million copies worldwide, says that people with hidden disabilities such as high-functioning autism (HFA), ADHD, and dyslexia face are being discriminated against “every day”. 

Because their disabilities cannot be seen, unlike those in a wheelchair or with a hearing aid, neurodivergent children and adults are not having their needs met.

Instead, she says, people with a hidden disability are often on receiving end of blame and judgement, or facing denials that their needs ‘really’ exist.

There is still a false belief in society that hidden disabilities can be overcome by the person ‘trying harder’, she adds.

Writing exclusively for The European, in an article titled ‘Discrimination against hidden disabilities must end’, she says that the stigma around hidden disabilities needs to replaced by greater understanding.

By recognising and meeting the needs of neurodivergent people, they can meet their potential and, in turn, contribute enormously to society.

Ms Simmons’ latest book, Raising Kids with Hidden Disabilities: Getting It, is focused on how best to parent a child with hidden disabilities.

In the book, out now through Jessica Kingsley Publishers, she provides guidance on how to respond to a neurodivergent child’s particular needs and challenges while developing their unique strengths and talents.

For all media requests, including interviews with author Naomi Simmons, or review copies of Raising Kids with Hidden Disabilities: Getting It , contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

Raising Kids With a Hidden Disability FC
Raising Kids With a Hidden Disability: Getting It by the Naomi Simmons, is out now, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Naomi Simmons
Author Naomi Simmons has sold more than 550 millions English language teaching guides around the world, making her the world’s bestselling nonfiction author of all time.

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