Noel Edmonds playing guitar for a Samaritans PR shoot. Copyright Palamedes PR

We’re best known as the UK market-leader in book PR, and for our award-winning, high-profile consumer PR campaigns.

But we provide PR  launch support to any brand, organisation or individual looking for mass media coverage, regardless of sector. In fact, we’re commonly engaged by those whose existing PR agency failed to deliver the headlines that were promised. From charity causes (like the one that Noel Edmonds, left, is kindly helping us with for Samaritans), government departments and tourist boards to publishers, restaurants, SMEs, corporations and celebrities, we can almost always help.

We go against the grain of other PR agencies because our clients receive good service without the usual bullsh*t. We won’t use fluffy buzzwords, Darling; we’re not hipster graduates fresh out of university; and we never offer launch PR campaigns that sound fantastic but which are are unlikely to secure column inches. This no-nonsense, journalistic approach to launching stuff properly gives our clients a realistic picture of what can and will be achieved from the outset – no ifs, no buts.

We’ve operated this way since 2008/2009 when we first launched in Bristol in partnership with a large news agency. We later relocated to London and, in 2020, adapted our working model in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Today, we still spend much of our time in the capital, we still meet clients there – either at The Hoxton Mix or at The Charlotte Street Hotel in SoHo – and we still consider ourselves to be entirely London based, at least for now. But we offered our team the choice about where they wanted to be based once restrictions ended and the response was overwhelming: “Remotely.” – and who can blame them.

Further information about us and about our no-nonsense approach to launch PR campaigns can be found on our FAQ page.