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About Us

Palamedes PR is a no-nonsense, award-winning London PR agency that is run and staffed by former national news, features and brodcast journalists. Together, we draw on our collective experience on some of Britain’s largest newsdesks to create great consumer-focused content that captures the attention of the print, digital and broadcast media. Since 2009, we’ve generated thousands of pieces of TV, radio, national press and magazine coverage for our clients globally. Many of their stories became overnight talking points and, through national press coverage and televised platforms like Daybreak, The One Show, Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week and others, reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Unlike many of the other leading PR agencies, we don’t do “fluff”. That means we won’t use fluffy buzzwords, don’t speak fluffy jargon, and never offer fluffy PR campaigns that are unlikely to secure column inches. This no-nonsense, journalistic approach to public relations gives our clients a commercial advantage by influencing consumers and driving product sales.

We’re best known as the UK market-leader in book PR and for our award-winning consumer PR campaigns. But we provide PR support to any brand, organisation or individual looking for mass media coverage, regardless of sector. In fact, we’re commonly engaged by those whose existing PR agency failed to deliver the headlines that were promised. From charity causes (like the one that Noel Edmonds, right, is kindly helping us with for Samaritans), government departments and tourist boards to publishers, start-ups, SMEs, corporations and celebrities, we can almost always help. Further information about us and about our no-nonsense approach to public relations can be found on our FAQ page.

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Palamedes PR, the London PR agency

Our PR Team

Thanks to the journalistic backgrounds of our small and passionate PR team of consultants, below, we’re almost always able and willing to guarantee the results of our work. It is this industry-leading guarantee and the skillset of our team that sets us apart from other PR agencies and provides our clients with peace of mind from the outset.