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Palamedes is the widely-established market-leading London book marketing agency and Consumer PR communications agency that is not (and does not do) a great number of things. We’re not a large book marketing agency, for instance, and only have the resources to represent a few clients at any one time; we don’t charge our clients by the hour or push for retained contracts when such relationships, commercial as they may be, are not in a client’s best interests; we don’t believe that fluffy terms like “output” – PR spiel for, “We’ll impress you with activity, though probably not results” – have any value in modern communications beyond an underhand sales gimmick; we don’t write sycophantic press releases (or, indeed, press releases of any kind); we don’t have tens of thousands of PR ‘contacts’ in a “little black book” (or use any of the off-the-shelf journalist databases in which those cliched ‘contacts’ are normally scraped); we don’t distribute content using pretend wire services; and we never attempt to wow prospective clients with the possibility of mass media coverage when such an outcome is unlikely.

Instead, we like to concentrate on the few things that Palamedes is: it is honest about what can be achieved, even at the expense of losing probable business to less transparent companies; it is run and staffed exclusively by former national news, features and broadcast journalists (see our About Palamedes page for more information) with practical experience on The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Sunday People, SWNS, Splash News, The National Enquirer, and the BBC who know what makes a good story and how to write one; it drafts editorial copy for the media that is publication-ready, meaning that its content is typically published verbatim; it distributes to the national and international newsdesks through Britain’s largest independent press agency with which it has worked for nearly 15 years; it is widely considered to be the market-leader in UK book marketing services on account of the results it delivers day-in, day-out in the print, online, and broadcast media for authors; and it is one of the few book marketing agencies in the UK that is willing and able to guarantee almost all aspects of its work with a no-coverage, money-back refund.

That’s quite enough for us.

Latest Book PR Testimonial

Latest Book PR Testimonial – Andrew Horn (Arjundas Adhikari)

Author Andrew Horn, who writes under the pen name of Arjundas Adhikari, provides a glowing testimonial about Palamedes PR’s book PR campaign promoting his new book, A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna.

The ‘Gold Standard’ of UK Book PR and Product Marketing

Palamedes PR is the long-established book PR and marketing agency and consumer marketing agency for those TV and radio appearances, national press coverage, media endorsements for new books, celebrity and influencer endorsements, book reviews and op-eds, or pre-publication services including websites, branding and jacket cover design. Our team of author marketing experts have been generating mass publicity for books, brands and businesses through organic editorial media coverage, sponsored content, digital advertising, and broadcast interviews since 2009. You can explore our book marketing services and some of the latest publicity we’ve secured for our clients, below. For further information about our book PR and consumer marketing campaigns, simply contact us for a free consultation.

PRscribe – The Chapter and Verse Publishing Blog for Authors

The PRscribe publishing blog offers practical advice for authors and publishers. And it shares our own insights and perspectives into the ever-evolving worlds of publishing and public relations. Our primary aim with PRscribe is to help authors and publishers navigate through the murky marketing waters by demystifying the intricacies of book promotion and equipping readers with the knowledge and strategies they will need to make their journeys a success. From crafting compelling manuscripts to mastering the art of book marketing, we’ve got you covered.

The feature image of a blog called '5 easy ways to support independent bookstores (and why you should) has the title and an old bookstore in the background

5 Easy Ways to Support Independent Bookshops

A decade ago, UK independent bookshops faced a crisis, dropping below 1,000 due to factors like Amazon, e-books, and rising High Street rents. By 2016, the number fell further, posing a threat to British publishing. Surprisingly, as of January this year, there’s been a resurgence, reaching 1,072, the highest since 2012, according to the Booksellers Association. Despite this, challenges persist, especially for the struggling High Street. Many indie bookstores, highlighted on X (formerly Twitter), still face difficulties.
To help secure their future, this blog post explores five simple ways to support indie bookstores amid ongoing uncertainties.

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Emma Strandberg, the travel writer, sits in a forest in a photograph that forms part of a cover image for a blog she has written about publishing

It’s the Journey That Counts, by Emma Strandberg

Join critically-acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg on a journey of resilience and determination as she shares her experience of self-publishing her second book, ‘Where the f**k is Blönduós?’

Faced with the challenges of going solo without her previous publisher and literary agent, Emma’s story is a testament to the sacrifices, dogged determination, and unwavering belief that fuelled her labour of love.

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When is the best time of year to launch a new book? A blog post by Palamedes PR

When is the Best Time of Year to Launch a New Book?

For self-publishers without the backing of traditional publishers, deciding when to launch a new book is crucial.
Our blog post breaks down the best times to promote your book by genre and season, offering practical insights from over 20 years of media and publicity experience.

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PRmotion – The Brand, Service and Product Launch Blog for Businesses

Our PRmotion blog provides invaluable insights about how to launch a business or new product, and how to publicise it. Whether you’re a seasoned PR professional, a business leader, or an entrepreneur on the cusp of launching a new start-up, this consumer PR-focused blog will help. From insider tips about landing coveted TV interviews to advice on securing headline-making press coverage, PRmotion is an essential guide to obtaining radio, TV, and national press coverage.

A banana and diamond side by side to illustrate the difference between a soft and hard product launch

The Soft Product Launch vs. The Hard Project Launch

If you Google ‘product launch strategies’, you’ll quickly realise that you have two options – a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ product launch. These terms represent two different approaches to bringing new products, services or brands to market. Each has its own unique characteristics and each has its own pros and cons.

In this PRmotion product launch blog, we examine the differences between the two and offer some advice about which option might work best for you.

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A blog post by Palamedes PR about crisis management and why it's so important for UK brands large and small

Crisis Management: Plans, Protocols and Detection

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected business world, no brand, whether large or small, is immune to the threat of a crisis.

In this PRmotion blog post, crisis management PR agency Palamedes explores the significance of having a crisis management plan in place for UK brands and what one should encompass.

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TV star Noel Edmonds holding a guitar and pretending to play in aid of a PR stunt by Palamedes for Samaritans

PR Stunts for Launch Publicity- Everything You Need to Know

A great PR stunt can catapult a new product or brand into the public arena and generate mass publicity in a matter of minutes. But not all PR stunts are great and many backfire.

In this first post for the product marketing blog PRmotion, we examine the characteristics of a PR stunt, their potted history, and the types of PR stunt that work and flop. We’ll also take a look at the key elements of a PR stunt and how to organise one.

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We’re a Book Publicity Agency That Does Other Stuff, Too

Our award-winning author marketing services and book publicity campaigns get the nation talking, laughing, sharing, and buying. We’re a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-stuck-in sort of book marketing agency that delivers guaranteed media coverage as standard. But we do lots of other promotional work, too. We’ve launched everything including the (world’s best) kitchen sink and our brand, product and service launch, marketing services are second to none. So if you’re looking for the best book PR and marketing services from a team of author marketing experts, or for the best product launch marketing services, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out what we can do to launch your book, product or brand in the national press, on radio, or on TV with a free, same or next-day telephone consultation.

“The Palamedes guys are bursting with brilliant ideas that translate well in the national press. This makes working with the PPR team a genuine pleasure for journalists" Daily Express


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