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A warm welcome to Palamedes PR, the award-winning consumer PR agency behind the headlines. For over a decade, our consumer PR campaigns have been driven by one clear objective – to grab the attention of the media and to engage our clients’ target audiences. Our team of prizewinning journalists achieve this goal day after day through the creation of newsworthy editorial content. We break great stories day-in, day-out which, according to our clients and those in the media, generate more publicity per campaign than any other consumer PR agency. If you’re looking to reach and engage consumers on a mass scale, through guaranteed publicity, our consumer PR campaigns and range of PR Packages can almost certainly help.

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Consumer PR: what we promote

We help brands, new and old, to publicise their products and services on the radio and TV, in the regional media, and in the national press. Our consumer PR campaigns help businesses of all sizes to make themselves heard and achieve the media attention they deserve through memorable, engaging, newsworthy content. We also secure guaranteed publicity for companies based outside of the UK.

Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency
palamedes pr
Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agency
palamedes pr
Palamedes PR, the consumer PR agnecy
Consumer PR - Coverage continues for Chris Guard
palamedes pr
Palamedes PR
GA Records, Consumer PR, Palamedes PR
consumer PR
palamedes pr
Solar Centre: consumer PR, palamedes PR
Consumer PR: the Brooke, Palamedes PR
Consumer PR, Palamedes PR
Pusher Movie: consumer PR, Palamedes PR
Sharx footwear: consumer PR, Palamedes PR
India Dining owner Asad Khan with the "Not for Bunnies" Easter egg
Palamedes PR
Palamedes PR
Palamedes PR
Palamedes PR devises a PR stunt with bite - Richard 'Jaws' Kiel filming the ad for EvoDental
Palamedes PR: Extreme stunt rider Emma Massingale avoids saddle soreness by standing on the backs of her moving steeds – the most challenging and dangerous feat in the history of horsemanship.

Consumer PR: case studies

Consumer PR: clients we’ve helped

Palamedes PR generated a significant amount of media coverage for usArmy Cadets

Thanks for all your help with Project AwarePADI

I can’t thank Palamedes PR enough for The Freshers PR campaigns. The team really understood our needs and achieved what we wanted from the outset. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise of writing news stories and press releases is second-to-none. I now work exclusively with Palamedes PR and would recommend the company for Consumer PR to anyone – Tom Thurlow,

Palamedes PR has catapulted me and my brand into the regional, national and international media – including TV and radio. I cannot recommend Palamedes PR more highly. Thank you!Emma Massingale, TV personality

The Westbury Mayfair Hotel selected Palamedes PR because of its credentials in the consumer PR arena and because of its proven ability to position and publicise brands on a large scaleThe Westbury Mayfair Hotel, London

Consumer PR: what we guarantee

Whether it’s international publicity (like the world’s most expensive cocktail, right, which we created for the actress Grace Jones), TV and radio broadcast interviews, national exposure (such as the reams of coverage we generated with Brian Blessed, top), or regional headlines our consumer PR campaigns capture attention and put new products on the map. You can read about who orchestrates our consumer PR campaigns, here.

Consumer PR: promotional packages that work for you

Our consumer PR packages are devised with one thing in mind: headlines – and lots of them. Simply choose the right consumer PR package that’s right for you and we’ll respond within the hour to discuss your options.

Consumer PR
Broadcast - TV & Radio
  • Powerful Nationwide Exposure
  • Guaranteed live and pre-recorded radio interviews on BBC and major commercial stations | Invaluable opportunity to reach millions of British consumers nationwide | Discuss new products or services and engage with target audiences quickly and easily | Interviews usually within just 14 days | Full media and pre-interview training provided Optional TV appearances Split payments available Project-based - no ongoing PR fees
National Newspapers
  • Risk-free brand publicity in the national daily and Sunday newspapers
  • Guaranteed publicity for new and existing products and services in the British national daily and Sunday newspapers | Print and online coverage available | Create a lasting digital footprint and benefit from objective, credible brand exposure | We create all content | Publicity within as little as just 14 days | Reach tens of millions of consumers across the UK | Split payments available | Project-based - no ongoing PR fees
Regional Awareness
  • Brand and product-focused articles, interviews and reviews across the UK
  • 150 guaranteed product or service reviews, interviews, Q&As or brand-focused articles on regional news platforms across the UK | Publications include flagship titles like The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post | Soundbites/testimonials for use on Amazon and other sales websites included | We create all content | Live web links, images and multimedia content included as standard | Invaluable engagement with local customers nationwide | Split payments available | Project-based - no ongoing PR fees Optional thought-leader articles/opinion-editorials (op-eds)

How quickly will I obtain media coverage?

How quickly will I obtain media coverage?

Depending upon the complexity of the task and your objectives, our consumer PR campaigns can secure publicity for our clients within as little as 14 days. The typical total length of a consumer PR campaign is about eight weeks from start to finish. See our FAQ page for further details about the way our consumer PR campaigns are run.

Can Palamedes PR promote a product or service retrospectively?

Can you promote a product or service retrospectively?

Absolutely. Unlike most consumer PR agencies, we’re able to guarantee publicity for existing any product and service regardless of its age.

Why are you able to guarantee results?

Why are you able to guarantee results?

Unlike the overwhelming majority of consumer PR companies, Palamedes PR is run and staffed entirely by former and existing journalists. We know what makes a great story and we know how to create one. Here’s what the Daily Mail has to say about our work: “Palamedes PR is like the Heineken of British PR agencies – it hits the parts other PR agencies can’t reach” – Ricky Dewsbury, former reporter.