Consumer PR

We're the go-to UK consumer marketing agency for ambitious brands.

We deliver guaranteed publicity for new products and services in the national and international print, broadcast and digital media, and orchestrate award-winning, impactful consumer marketing campaigns that get the nation talking (and in some cases, chuckling).

B2C Launch Publicity Packages for New Products and Services

If you’re looking for a high-profile, memorable consumer PR campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Our exclusive range of cost-effective consumer PR packages (right) catapult new products and services into the media spotlight because they’re devised with one clear objective: HEADLINES, and lots of them.

Simply choose the right B2C launch publicity package that’s right for you, and we’ll be in touch to discuss the options with a full, free and no-obligation telephone consultation.

Each of the specialist consumer PR services we provide are also available on an individual basis.

National Press
  • Launch a new product or service with a bang. Our exclusive national press package provides guaranteed, risk-free publicity in the British national newspapers and provides brands of all sizes and in all sectors with the unique opportunity to reach and engage with tens of millions of British consumers.
  • From just £1,999
Broadcast - TV & Radio
  • An exclusive brodcast PR package which provides brands with the opportunity to discuss their products and services on BBC radio and major commercial stations across the UK. TV appearances, where applicable, are orchestrated at no extra cost.
  • From just £1,499
Regional Awareness
  • Our exclusive regional awareness package enables businesses to publicise new products and services in every corner of the UK. It delivers a staggering 69 pieces of coverage on regional newspaper sites including The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post, which combined reach approximately 35million unique visitors per month.
  • From just £2,750

What to Expect: Guaranteed Mass Publicity for Any New Product or Service

A warm welcome to Palamedes PR, the no-nonsense consumer PR and B2C marketing agency behind the headlines. For over a decade, Palamedes has broken thousands of great B2C stories in the national and international media that launch new brands, products and services with a bang. With more than 30 years’ combined experience on some of the UK’s largest newsdesks, our prizewinning team of former national news journalists secure the publicity our clients deserve in the print, broadcast and digital media through the creation of memorable, newsworthy B2C content and by orchestrating high-profile PR stunts.

Since 2009, we’ve generated thousands of page leads, radio interviews and TV appearances worldwide for an eclectic variety of UK and overseas businesses. From tech, automotive and beauty products to dog walking services, website start-ups and property developers, Palamedes PR has promoted everything including the kitchen sink. In fact, we’re frequently engaged by B2C businesses whose previous, fluffy consumer PR agencies failed to secure the exposure they promised.

In most cases, Palamedes can secure widespread B2C publicity in as little as 14 days. And unlike other, less reputable consumer PR agencies, the results of our consumer marketing campaigns are covered by a peace-of-mind guarantee.

You can explore our client list, past and present, here.

As Good as Our Word: Praise for Our Consumer Marketing PR Campaigns

Palamedes has orchestrated nearly 1,000 consumer marketing campaigns covering every conceivable product and service. Without exception, we’ve delivered on the B2C media coverage our clients expected and deserved. Naturally, it gives our consumer PR team particular satisfaction when those B2C clients endorse our work by providing us with a review and testimonial. We remain grateful to all those individuals and organisations who volunteered to acknowledge the fruits of our labour by telling others about their experience.

See all consumer PR client testimonials here.

Case Studies: Famous Consumer PR Campaigns with Global Reach

Thanks to the journalistic pedigree of our consumer PR team, the editorial content we produce creates headlines around the world and play out on the TV and radio and in many of the largest daily and weekend newspapers.

Whether it’s a high-profile PR stunt, a celebrity launch event or a survey-led news story, everything we do is focused on HEADLINES. From The One Show and Have I Got News for You to The New York Post, Herald Sun and Times of India, our B2C PR campaigns capture the media’s attention and engage with hundreds of millions of consumers in the UK and globally.

Unlike other UK consumer marketing agencies that promise the world and fail to deliver, Palamedes guarantees the results of its work. It means our clients receive unrivalled, award-winning quality media coverage and complete peace-of-mind from the outset.

Our more famous consumer PR case studies are too numerous to appear here, so we’ve included a small selection for illustrative purposes. You can explore the rest over on our Case Studies page, here.

Why Palamedes PR?

* We’ve broken some of the biggest B2C stories in the last decade

* We’re run and staffed by former national news journalists who know a great story and how to place it quickly and easily within the national press

* We’ve been generating mass headlines for new products and services for more than a decade and have a proven track record on TV, radio and the national media

* We generate more consumer-facing publicity per campaign than any other UK consumer marketing agency, according to our clients and the media

* We’re able to secure publicity for any product or service, new or old, usually within a fortnight – often where others have failed

* Our consumer marketing campaigns capture the media’s attention and become national talking points

* We’re the only consumer PR agency that is willing and able to guarantee its work in the national media and on radio

* We’re not fluffy, won’t dine out on your dollar, and won’t attempt to wow you with nonsensical buzzwords and industry jargon

* We deliver what we promise – often within as little as 14 days – or your money back

More Consumer Marketing Testimonials

“Palamedes PR provide particularly high quality, compelling business-related content, which is why we enjoy working with them” – Daily Mirror

“Palamedes PR has catapulted me and my brand into the regional, national and international media – including TV and radio. I cannot recommend Palamedes PR more highly. Thank you!” – Emma Massingale, TV personality

“It is so refreshing and satisfying to work alongside true professionals – outstanding service. I am delighted with the coverage and would like to thank both Palamedes PR and the media for their fantastic service and support” – The Monmouthshire Business Awards

“EXOVA BM TRADA appointed Palamedes PR on account of the agency’s expertise in news generation. We are pleased to be working with Palamedes PR and look forward to a long working relationship with them” – Exova BM TRADA

“We appointed Palamedes PR because of their proven track record in achieving outstanding results, and because of their reputation as a market leader in national PR. We are delighted that we did so. The team never promised what they couldn’t deliver, and over-delivered on what they promised. This culminated in celebrity endorsements and in regional and national publicity for SNAP. The team provides a truly professional level of service that sets a benchmark in customer service and a target for others in this industry to reach” – Daniel Fallon, Founder of Lifelong and the Schools and National Anti-Obesity Programme (SNAP)

“The Active Honey Company invested a significant amount in another PR agency, without any success whatsoever. We were, you might say, sceptical about using another agency but trusted Palamedes PR because of the company’s performance. Palamedes PR told us categorically that it would thrust our brand into the global media – and it delivered on its promise” – The Active Honey Company

“Palamedes PR once again delivered an outstanding events PR campaign which generated worldwide attention” – Gigis, London

“Truly brilliant ideas that captured the world’s attention” – Monster Slippers

“PR stunts that will go down in history” –

“Absolutely, brilliantly, fantastical media coverage” – India Dining

“More than 1,000 pieces of exposure worldwide!” – Gurpareet Bains, celebrity chef and cookery book author


Quick Consumer PR FAQ

How quickly will I receive media coverage?
Depending upon the complexity of the task and your objectives, our consumer PR campaigns can secure publicity for our clients in the national press and on radio within as little as 14 days. The typical total length of a full-service consumer PR campaign is about eight weeks from start to finish.

Can you promote a product or service retrospectively?
Absolutely. Unlike most consumer PR agencies, we’re able to guarantee publicity for existing any product and service regardless of when it launched or came to market. In fact, we’re often appointed by brands whose existing PR agency failed to deliver and require plenty of much-needed post-launch exposure.

Why are you able to guarantee results?
Unlike the overwhelming majority of consumer PR companies, Palamedes PR is run and staffed entirely by former and existing journalists. We know what makes a great story and we know how to create one. Here’s what the Daily Mail has to say about our work: “Palamedes PR is like the Heineken of British PR agencies – it hits the parts other PR agencies can’t reach” – Ricky Dewsbury, former reporter.