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New Books Available For Review

There are a number of exciting new books currently available for review through Palamedes

From moving real-life memoirs to hard-hitting non-fiction, we have a number of new client books now available for review. 

Jamie Michael Gregory’s forthcoming memoir, The Talking Universe, shares his remarkable story of surviving significant physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Set for release in early May, it combines  autobiography, spirituality, personal development and self-help, and deals with themes including mental health, addiction, trauma, child abuse, healing, self-love, and manifestation.

Singapore-born author Simone Warren’s stirring and inspirational memoir of overcoming intergenerational trauma and harrowing life experiences, The Fate We Make: From Survival To Success, is also available for review, with a late June 2023 publication date expected.

Whistleblower vet Dr Tom Lonsdale’s explosive new exposé of the ‘junk pet food’ industry, Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight, comes out in early May, and advanced review copies are available upon request.

For all media requests, including electronic review copies of the above titles, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud - Front Cover
‘Junk pet food’ industry exposé Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight by whistleblower vet Dr Tom Lonsdale is among the new client books currently available to journalists for review. 

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