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Palamedes PR Appointed By Author Jemima Atar

Author and trainee psychotherapist Jemima Atar appoints Palamedes to promote her forthcoming novel

Book PR agency Palamedes has been appointed by author Jemima Atar

The consultancy will be promoting Jemima’s forthcoming literary fiction novel, Pourquoi. 

The novel, which is Jemima’s third book – following Grief and Her Narrative: A Memoir of Sudden Therapist Loss and poetry collection you are safe now – draws upon her deep interests in mental health and psychotherapy, with the author currently training to become a psychotherapist.

It tells the story of Delphine, an associate university lecturer and painter with an upper-class background, and Cameron, a middle-class British therapist, who enter a therapeutic relationship that “transports them into a world of mystery and discovery”,

Dealing with themes including familial trauma, abuse, loss, PTSD, suicide, and self-harm, Pourquoi examines the extent to which an existential relationship simultaneously heals and blurs the boundaries of ethical morality. 

For all media requests, including interviews with author Jemima Atar, or review copies of Pourquoi, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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Jemima Atar is an author, poet, and trainee psychotherapist. Book PR agency Palamedes will be working with Jemima to promote her forthcoming literary fiction novel, Pourquoi.

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