Palamedes PR Appointed By Workplace Bias Expert Buki Mosaku

Author and workplace bias expert Buki Mosaku appoints Palamedes to promote his forthcoming business guide

Book PR agency Palamedes has been appointed by author and workplace bias expert Buki Mosaku to promote his forthcoming business guide. 

The consultancy will be generating media exposure for I Don’t Understand: Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, which is described as providing a proven, practical tool kit for navigating unconscious bias in the workplace.

Covering all forms of workplace bias – including ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability and age – the book sets out leading international business consultant and executive coach Mr Mosaku’s  ground-breaking IDU? Methodology.

The IDU (I Don’t Understand)? Methodology provides strategies and tools to recognise and dismantle unconscious bias “immediately”, before a workplace situation grows into a crisis.

Refreshingly, I Don’t Understand examines the topic from the victim’s perspective and through engaging stories, thought-provoking inquiry, research, and practical tools empowers and equips readers to call out bias without unintended, unwelcome results, creating a “workplace culture of collaboration, peace, and productivity.

For all media requests, including interviews with work bias expert Buki Mosaku, or review copies of I Don’t Understand, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

Buki Mosaku
Workplace bias expert Buki Mosaku, author of forthcoming business guide I Don’t Understand:  Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace.

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