The Bock Saga historian Carl Borgen reappoints PR agency Palamedes

Palamedes PR Reappointed By Bock Saga Historian Carl Borgen

Palamedes PR is reappointed by Bock Saga historian Carl Borgen to reveal the latest in the search for the Lemminkäinen Hoard

We are delighted to be working again with Bock Saga historian and author Carl Borgen.

Mr Borgen, the world’s leading historian on the Bock Saga – an alternative creation myth revealed by Finnish mystic Ior Bock in the 1980s – has reappointed the agency to highlight through the media the latest developments in the search for the fabled Lemminkäinen Hoard.

As he explains in his book Temporarily Insane, a dedicated group of amateur archaeologists dubbed the ‘Temple Twelve’ have been searching for the Hoard – a hidden stash of gold, jewels and ancient artefacts thought to be worth up to £15billion – for more than three decades.

Now they believe that they are tantalisingly close to uncovering the entrance to a temple leading to the treasure, said to be situated within a man-made cave in Finland.

Our new campaign builds upon mass national and international coverage we have secured for Carll Borgen and the Temple 12 in recent years. 

Carl Borgen
Bock Saga historian and author Carl Borgen, the world’s leading authority on the Lemminkäinen Hoard and the Temple Twelve, has reappointed book PR agency to update the public on the latest developments in the search for fabled £15bn treasure.

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