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Palamedes PR Reappointed By Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan

Palamedes PR is reappointed by Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan to promote international charity Killing Cancer Kindly and his new cancer prevention guide

Book PR agency Palamedes PR has been reappointed by one of the world’s leading cancer prevention experts, Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan.

The agency will be working once again with Dr Khan on the promotion of his forthcoming cancer prevention guide, Killing Cancer Kindly.

In addition, the agency shall be promoting international charity Killing Cancer Kindly, established by Dr Khan in 2022 to provide further education on the disease as well as fund front-line medical research.

Dr Khan is Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Queen’s Centre for Oncology and Haematology at Castle Hill Hospital, has 25 years of clinical experience, and has served as the Principal Investigator for a variety of pioneering research trials.

Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan 1
Cancer prevention crusader Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Queen’s Centre for Oncology and Haematology, Castle Hill Hospital.
Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan
Dr Khan is founder of international charity Killing Cancer Kindly and the author of forthcoming cancer prevention and treatment guide Killing Cancer Kindly.

The respected cancer prevention crusader’s objective, both through his charity and forthcoming book, is to shatter the myths and fears surrounding the ‘Big C’ as a “death sentence”, and to leave a legacy that will see  everyone’s risk of developing cancer during their lifetime reduced.

Among his many educational initiatives is The Khan Plan, a comprehensive lifestyle guide to minimising the risk of developing cancer.

This incorporates his ‘Do Absolutely Nothing’ plan, which made national headlines late last year with the news that grabbing just 30 seconds of sunlight every morning could slash the chances of developing most types of cancer by as much as 80 per cent, according to early research.

Further studies to establish the link between sunlight and cancer prevention are set to take place “as soon as possible” through the Killing Cancer Kindly charity.

For all media requests, including interviews with Dr Khan, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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