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Widespread Media Coverage For Author Emma Strandberg

Author Emma Strandberg enjoys widespread media coverage for her travel memoir Where the f**k is Blönduós?

There has been widespread media coverage for author Emma Strandberg and her new travel memoir.

Where the f**k is Blönduós? Driving and Surviving a Winter in Iceland shares the travel writer and photographer’s memorable experiences of Iceland, including pushing herself to the limits with a six-month journey to the far north of Iceland in the depths of winter.

A moving, honest, and entertaining read, it sees Emma battling the elements to conquer her fears and rediscover herself after a series of traumatic events.

Our book PR campaign has led to a plethora of positive publicity for Where the f**k is Blönduós? , which has been described as a “must-read” and praised as an “incredibly journey of self-healing” that “will inspire a new sense of wanderlust in even the most committed armchair traveller”. 

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Where the f__k is Blönduós_ front cover
 Travel writer and photographer Emma Strandberg reveals in Where the F**k is Blönduós? how she found personal healing through a daring six-month stay in the frozen remotes of Iceland.

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