Celebrity & Influencer Endorsements for Books

Celebrities and influencers, with their massive online followings and engaged audiences, wield substantial power to shape consumer behaviour across various industries. One such industry that has witnessed – and benefited from – the impact of these influencers is publishing.

With their authentic, recognisable voices, relatable content, and dedicated fan bases, celebrities and social media influencers are more in demand by authors than ever.

Palamedes PR obtains paid-for (sponsored) endorsements for books from celebrities and influencers, usually within a few weeks. Authors use those endorsements for book covers, Amazon listings, Amazon author profiles, author and publisher websites, and social media platforms.

If you’d like us to get influencer or celebrity endorsements for a book, complete the form below (by contacting us in this way, you’re consenting to our Privacy Policy) and we’ll be in touch within the hour during normal office hours.

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