National Press Coverage for Authors and New Books

Publicity for authors and new books in the national press is considered to be the 'Holy Grail' of media coverage. And for good reason.
National newspapers have a vast and diverse readership that spans generations and demographics. When a book is featured in these publications, it gains access to an unparalleled level of exposure.
Read on to find out more about how Palamedes PR helps authors get books into the national press.

Advantages of Author Coverage in National Press

The benefits of a book being featured by the national press are numerous. They include:

Amplified Visibility: National press exposure introduces your work to a vast audience, thereby expanding your readership.

Enhancing Credibility: Coverage in national publications bolsters your reputation and establishes you as a respected voice.

Thought Leadership: Op-eds and features position you as an authority, enabling you to contribute to critical discussions.

Connection with Readers: National press coverage fosters a direct connection with readers who seek diverse perspectives.

Media Conversation Catalyst: Features spark discussions, interviews provide insights, and reviews drive engagement.

The Power of National Press Coverage for Authors

More often than not, authors and publishers want to reach as large an audience as possible. While some publications have large readerships, none reach more consumers nationwide than national newspapers. But obtaining publicity for books in the national press isn’t easy and many new authors and publishers will spend months – and often longer – trying in vain to get their books featured in newspapers. That’s why book publicity in the national press is considered to be the ‘Holy Grail’ for new books.

Palamedes PR Can Normally Deliver Guaranteed National Press Coverage for Books Within Just 2 Weeks

Our team of author marketing experts (and former national press journalists) can usually obtain national press coverage for fiction and non-fiction books within a fortnight of engagement. National press PR campaigns for authors are usually just £1,999 plus VAT.

We generate guaranteed news and feature coverage for good books and authors thanks for our professional backgrounds in the national media. Thousands of examples can be found throughout the Palamedes website and in our Success Stories pages.