Pre-Publication Book Launch Services

From proofreading and website development to jacket design and cover endorsements, Palamedes has your pre-publication book launch services covered.

Ask any literary agent and they’ll tell you that branding and a strong digital presence for authors is everything. In fact, it can be the difference between a book being noticed and being lost forever. Our range of pre-publication book launch services provides everything an author needs to go from manuscript to publication including developmental editing, proofreading, jacket design, website design, cover endorsements and social media content strategies.

We can normally design and develop new author websites and book jackets within four to six weeks. Our fees will depend on what you need, but we’ll be able to give you a ball park figure during the initial consultation. If you’d like us to help, complete the form below (by contacting us in this way, you’re consenting to our Privacy Policy) and we’ll be in touch within the hour during normal office hours.

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