Jaime Winstone at the premiere of Boogie Woogie, held at The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, London. Copyright Palamedes PR

TV & Radio Appearances for Product, Brand and Service Launches

At Palamedes PR, we specialise in orchestrating compelling TV and radio interviews for business owners, entrepreneurs, as well as brands, products, and services.

TV and radio interviews offer a unique opportunity to connect directly with your target audience. With the right exposure and messaging, you can establish authority in your industry, build trust, and captivate potential customers. Our experienced team understands the dynamics of these mediums and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Our PR services span both BBC and commercial stations nationwide, offering a robust platform for promoting your new products and services. We enable brands of all sizes to engage with consumers across the UK, delivering consumer marketing services that are typically guaranteed, ensuring the success and thriving presence of your brand.

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