Introducing the New PRscribe Blog: It’s All About Books


Welcome to the PRscribe Blog by Palamedes PR

In the constantly evolving landscapes of publishing and communications, in which information is at your fingertips, finding blogs about publishing and PR has never been easier. Yet the sheer volume of online content can be – and often is – confusing. Misinformation, echo chambers and scores of self-declared ‘experts’ can make it difficult to discern fact from fiction.

Our primary aim with PRscribe is to help authors and publishers navigate through the murky marketing waters by demystifying the intricacies of book promotion and equipping readers with the knowledge and strategies they will need to make their journeys a success. From crafting compelling manuscripts to mastering the art of book marketing, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll accompany each blog post with a short video, which is primarily catered for those on-the-go and visitors with sight and reading impairments.

PRscribe is the new publishing blog and PR blog by Palamedes

What to Expect from PRscribe?

We’ll do our best to include insights from industry leaders in the form of interviews with authors, publishers and PR professionals. With luck, we’ll learn about their journey, the challenges they’ve overcome (and there will be many, believe me), and any specific strategies that led to their success.

The blog will offer practical tips and advice about every conceivable topic in the publishing world – from book launches and branding to developmental editing and promotional tactics.

From time to time, we’ll analyse emerging industry trends in publishing, from the impact of social media on book marketing to the evolving role of traditional and hybrid publishers.

And as you’d expect, there will also be book recommendations whenever possible. With luck, our curated reviews and recommendations will help you to discover new books and authors that you would not have otherwise known.

Each PRscribe blog will also be made available in simple video format. Our intention here is to help readers with sight and reading impairments, and to make our content more easily consumed on the go.

If there’s a topic we haven’t yet covered and you’d like to know more about then please do let us know. In the meantime. happy reading!

Steven Monaghan of Palamedes PR, the book PR and marketing agency

Steven Monahan

Steven blogs about PR and marketing, books and, occasionally, boxing. He has been known to play the harmonica with his nose.

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