There's been further radio Interviews For Author Leo C. Akuwudike and his new book, Romeo & Julio & Friends

Further Radio Interviews For Author Leo C. Akuwudike

Author Leo C. Akuwudike discusses his new novel, Romeo & Julio & Friends

There have been further radio interviews for author Leo C. Akuwudike.

The rising gay British-Nigerian author has reworked William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy Romeo and Juliet into a contemporary gay romance.

Set amidst London’s LGBTQ+ community, Romeo & Julio & Friends follows the rocky relationship of 25-year-old Julio Clifford, a successful gay black British and South African designer, and Romeo Moses, a 29-year-old bisexual white British and Italian Architect/Model.

As well as providing a gripping read, Akuwudike’s novel is aimed at promoting LGBTQ+ tolerance at a time when homophobia-related hate crimes continue to escalate.

And in a departure from Shakespeare’s original play, which famously ended with the suicides of Romeo and Juliet, he has given his take on the ordeals and heartache of the two ‘star-crossed lovers’ a happy ending.

For all media enquiries, including interviews with author Leo C. Akuwudike or review copies of Romeo & Julio & Friends, contact book PR publicist Anthony Harvison.

Romeo and Julio FC
Author Leo C. Akuwudike has been interviewed on radio after penning a new novel reimagining Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a contemporary gay romance, Romeo & Julio & Friends.

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