Author Phil Cleary appoints book PR agency Palamedes to promote his novel, Elixir.

Palamedes PR Appointed By Author & Entrepreneur Phil Cleary

Author and entrepreneur Phil Cleary appoints Palamedes PR to promote his gripping novel, thriller Elixir

Book PR agency Palamedes has been appointed by author and entrepreneur Phil Cleary to promote his debut novel.

The consultancy will be working with Mr Cleary on the promotion of Elixir, a fast-paced and thought-provoking thriller which imagines what might happen if scientists succeeded in creating an elixir of life.

Mr Cleary was inspired to write the cautionary novel, which highlights the impact such a treatment would have on the world’s population, because of rapid advances in the field of life extension. 

Outside of writing, Mr Cleary is a celebrated entrepreneur who is famed for founding forensic technology company The SmartWater Group (now The DeterTech Group).

The company rose to prominence in the 1990s with SmartWater, a traceable liquid and forensic asset marking system invented by Mr Cleary, a former police officer, and his brother, a Chartered Chemist.

The product went on to win the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation and under Mr Cleary’s direction, The SmartWater Group went from a two-man operation to an international company employing nearly 200 staff.

SmartWater is now used by police forces across the UK as well as by consumers and businesses wishing to secure their properties and goods.

For all media requests, including interviews with Phil Cleary and review copies of Elixir, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

The front cover of Elixir by Phil Cleary
Author and entrepreneur Phil Cleary, the founder and former CEO of The SmartWater Group (now The DeterTech Group) has appointed book PR agency Palamedes to promote his debut novel, Elixir.

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