Professional chef to the stars and Pasta Sam series author Stacey Leith appoints book PR agency Palamedes.

Palamedes PR Appointed By Chef Stacey Leith

Book PR agency Palamedes PR is appointed to promote children's book series Pasta Sam

We are delighted to be have been appointed by author Stacey Leith to promote her educational series of children’s books.

The agency will be generating media exposure for the author, who writes as ‘Chef Stacey Leith’, and the Pasta Sam series, which help to teach children simple and fun cooking techniques and recipes.

Stacey, who is rap star 50 Cent’s private chef and was formerly lead chef for Liverpool FC, came up with the idea for the Pasta Sam series while on tour with 50 Cent and his crew.

She wanted to create stories that would entertain children while at the same time encouraging them to eat well and learn a life-long skill.

Her passion for sharing the joys of cooking came from her days working for Liverpool FC, when part of her duties included holding cooking classes for the under-23s and the under-18s.

For all media requests, including interviews with Stacey Leith or review copies of the Pasta Sam series, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

The Pasta Sam series by Chef Stacey Leith, who has appointed book PR agency Palamedes.
Stacey Leith, private chef to rapper 50 Cent, has appointed book PR agency Palamedes to promote her entertaining and educational Pasta Sam series of children’s books.

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“The Palamedes guys are bursting with brilliant ideas that translate well in the national press. This makes working with the PPR team a genuine pleasure for journalists" Daily Express


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