Book PR agency Palamedes is appointed by publisher Sparkling Books.

Palamedes PR Appointed By Sparkling Books

Book PR agency Palamedes PR is appointed to promote new book Reinventing Democracy

We are delighted to have been appointed by publisher Sparkling Books to promote a forthcoming political book.

The agency will be generating media exposure for Reinventing Democracy: Improving British Political Governance by David Kauders, which is set to release this spring.

In the book, investment manager Mr Kauders makes the case for a radical overhaul of the UK’s political system, suggesting that the current system of political governance is at the heart of the nation’s economic woes.

In its place, Mr Kauders, a British emigree living in Switzerland, proposes a federal system of governance where sovereignty redefined as the sovereignty of the people of each nation instead of the Crown in parliament.

These sweeping measures would include the replacement of the  Privy Council and House of Lords with an elected, apolitical, People’s Council.

Mr Kauders believes that a federal UK would reverse economic decline by placing power in the hands its citizens and by providing all constituent nations an equal voice in deciding policy.

For all media requests, including interviews with David Kauders, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

David Kauders, author of Reinventing Democracy.
Book PR agency Palamedes has been promoted by publisher Sparkling Books to promote forthcoming non-fiction title Reinventing Democracy by David Kauders (pictured).

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